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Translates MATLAB source code into Julia.

Some of the fields that could most benefit from parallelization primarily use programming languages that were not designed with parallel computing in mind. This MATLAB-to-Julia translator begins to approach the problem starting with MATLAB, which is syntactically close to Julia. The translator aims to do much of the tedious work of converting source code from MATLAB to Julia, in hopes that a MATLAB user who is curious about Julia could then spend most of their first moments with the language exploring its capacity to improve their existing programs rather than wrangling with bugs or a new syntax.

This translator is not comprehensive, but it should accurately translate enough of the most common statements that most of the tedious work of translating the code by hand is eliminated. The hope is that you can then review the translated Julia code and perhaps make minor corrections (list of differences between MATLAB and Julia, cheatsheet), but be able to quickly move on to the more interesting task of parallelizing your code.

Click here for a demo translation. Click here to view the source code.

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You can file an issue on GitHub to report translation bugs or to suggest features or translations you would like to see added. If you prefer, you can also fill out this Google form.

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